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This site is designed for those with some interest in Scotlands history and heritage. Whilst not designed as an in-depth study of Scotlands history it should be of interest to academics and scholars (or more likely schoolchildren working on a project)

It is intended that the site will grow over the next few years and if anyone should wish to submit a guest article then please e-mail me in PLAIN TEXT. Any attachments are deleted immediately upon receipt.
The articles so far include:

In the Beginning
The Coming of the Celts
The Coming of the Romans
What have you learned so far - Crossword Puzzle
Hadrians Wall
Antonine Wall
Pictish Society
Timeline-Beginning to St Ninian
A.D. 400 - A.D. 600
A.D. 600 - A.D. 800
Trouble and Turmoil ( 900A.D.)
The Alban Kings
More Strife
Duncan and MacBeth (yes - the Shakespeare Characters)

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