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sporran Pictures part of a collection of scottish photographs of scotlands national dress

Scotlands national dress photographs and pictures
This is a picture of a sporran

A sporran is quite simply a pouch which is worn, in Highland costume, hanging from the belt over the front of the kilt. The older sporrans were quite modest objects and ordinarily of leather due to their practical use(i.e. to carry items in). In modern Highland costume and in the uniform of Highland army regiments it has become a highly ornamental or ceremonial with silver or metal rims, and a heavy long backing of horsehair or fur

This photograph of a sporran was taken at the national Museum of Scotland

This collection shows a variety of topics, none of which were particularly easy to classify. From pictures of scottish castles to images of industrial landscapes, whatever you are looking for in terms of pictures images or photographs of scotland then hopefully you will find it here.Take a pictorial journey through scotlands rich and diverse heritage.

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