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Portpatrick Harbour Pictures

portpatrick harbour pictures and photographs images of Scottish and scotland landscapes

This is a picture of Portpatrick Harbour. Although I have lived all my days in Scotland I always think that Portpatrick should somehow be in Ireland as it has a very Irish sounding name. However, of course it isn't.

Portpatrick is quite remote in that it is almost as far west as you can go in Southern Scotland, and nearly as far south as you can go in Western Scotland. The seaside village has a history which stretches back over 500 years as it was the main port for the short crossing to Ireland (this has since been taken by Stranraer due to more favourable conditions).

This part of the picture collections of Scottish photographs shows the variety of the Scottish landscapes and natural features which make up the country of Scotland. There are further pictures which show such diverse topics as scottish castles to images of industrial landscapes.

This set of pictures were taken by the Young Enterprise group of Loudoun Academy in Ayrshire (2005-06) who sold them to this site as part of their project. The group were particularly successful and won their regional finals.

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