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Kilmartin Church Photographs

kilmartin parish church picture photograph

This is a picture of Kilmartin Church, which is situated in the small town of Kilmartin near Dunkeld.

Kilmartin is best known for its history despite its relatively small size. The village sits at the heart of Kilmartin Glen, and there are at least 150 prehistoric sites and 200 other ancient monuments within six miles of it. These include burial cairns, rock carvings, and standing stones, as well as the remains of the fortress at Dunadd.

This is a picture of Kilmartin Parish Church which was built in 1835. Internally it is a fairly standard church of the era. It does reflect the history of the surrounding area in one important way. It houses two stone crosses which are displayed inside at the rear of the church. And its graveyard shows that today's church is only the latest in a series built on the site.

This part of the picture collections of Scottish photographs shows the variety of the Scottish landscapes and natural features which make up the country of Scotland. There are further pictures which show such diverse topics as scottish castles to images of industrial landscapes.

This set of pictures were taken by the Young Enterprise group of Loudoun Academy in Ayrshire (2005-06) who sold them to this site as part of their project. The group were particularly successful and won their regional finals.

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