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The Iona Abbey Pictures

Iona Abbey Pictures photographs

iona abbey pictures

This is a further picture of Iona Abbey (original here). Iona has been at the heart of Scotland's Christian religious life since St Columba landed in AD563 and founded a monastery. Due to it's Northerly position it was to become a favourite place to attack by the Vikings in 795, 802, 806 and 825, resulting in the death of many monks. Iona remained the burial place of successive Scottish Kings until Macbeth, who died in 1057.

This part of the picture collections of Scottish photographs shows the variety of the Scottish landscapes and natural features which make up the country of Scotland. There are further pictures which show such diverse topics as scottish castles to images of industrial landscapes.

This set of pictures were taken by the Young Enterprise group of Loudoun Academy in Ayrshire (2005-06) who sold them to this site as part of their project. The group were particularly successful and won their regional finals.

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