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This site is designed for those with some interest in Scotlands golfing history and heritage. It is designed to inform those who wish to play golf in Scotland about courses, regulations, common practices etc. in addition to looking at the history of the "home of golf"

Scotland is the undoubted home of golf. No matter what standard you as a golfers are, you have to make the pilgrimage to Scotland, where there are almost 500 spectacular and beautiful courses, otherwise you will feel they havenít played the game at all. The most popular and famous, of course, are the links courses that have evolved on sandy coastal strips which, centuries ago, were beneath the sea. Here nature is the architect, the course being fashioned out of the natural terrain rather than having design imposed upon it. Then there are the magnificent inland courses, which provide just as challenging a test.

It is intended that the site will grow over the next few years and if anyone should wish to submit a guest article then please e-mail me in PLAIN TEXT. Any attachments are deleted immediately upon receipt.
The articles so far include:

Nairn Golf Club - A personal review
Turnberry Golf Club - A personal review

If you are looking for more general information on Scotland, try my other site Scotland for Visitors

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