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Edinburgh Castle Pictures

edinburgh castle photographed at street level Pictures part of a collection of scottish photographs

Edinburgh Castle photographs
This is a picture of Edinburgh Castle in Scotland

This photograph of the scottish capital's castle is taken from a slightly unusual angle, that is street level. You can see from the picture that to attempt to attack the castle must have been a daunting propsect.

It is by no means the most beautiful of the Scottish castles, Edinburgh Castle is Scotland's most famous castle and plays host to approximately one million people every year.

Edinburgh Castle is rich in what it has to offer to its visitors: history, splendid views of the city and an impressive fortress to discover.

The Castle was once the royal residence of Scottish Kings and Queens (Queen Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to her son in the confinement of the Castle). Recently, the Honours of Scotland - the Crown, the Sceptre and Sword of State have been brought back to Edinburgh Castle from England and now reside in the Crown Room.

This photograph is from a collection which shows the variety of scottish castles and country houses or the national monuments and churches that help make the country of scotland. From pictures of scottish castles to images of industrial landscapes. Whatever you are looking for in terms of pictures images or photographs of scotland then hopefully you will find it here

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