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The Bannockburn Battlefield Pictures

bannockburn battlefield memorial cairn picture robert the bruce photograph scottish armour bannockburn pictures

Bannockburn Picture - Scottish Military photographs
This is a picture of the Memorial Cairn at Bannockburn.

This picture was taken at Bannockburn, the site of Scotland's most famous victory over the English. The site also contains a number of other historical artefacts about King Bruce and the battle.
Below is a picture of the inscription on the cairn, clearly showing the inscription as reading

bannockburn battlefield memorial cairn inscription picture robert the bruce photograph

This is part of a collection of photographs of Scottish and British Military Hardware which have been used over a period of years. The site contains a variety of army pictures over a varied time period from the early wars of independence to the second world war. It includes pictures of Scottish regimental uniforms, captured weapons and uniforms and also military machine pictures made or used in Scotland

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