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Ailsa Craig Pictures and Photographs

This is a photograph of Ailsa Craig at sunset. Ailsa is a truly unique island even by Scottish standards. It is 1,114 feet high, about 2.5 miles (4 kms) around the base and is made of a unique very hard granite. The stone's properties made it much sought after for the production of curling stones.

Historically, the island was owned by the Crossraguel monks who were gifted the island by King Robert the Third.

The island also plays host to a castle but to be honest, it is more a “Keep” than anything grand and palace like and probably held fewer than eight persons.

This is part of a collection of Scottish photographs which show the variety of landscapes and natural features which make up the country of scotland. On the site, there are further pictures which show such diverse topics as scottish castles to images of industrial landscapes. Whatever you are looking for in terms of pictures images or photographs of scotland then hopefully you will find it here

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